Patented Design of Retractable Mound

Scheduling more events in a stadium is the key to Maximizing Venue Utilization. 

As venues and stadium operators look to expand their offerings and utilization – without building new stadiums – creating a multi-purpose venue is critical to scheduling soccer, concerts, lacrosse, rugby and other activities.  Yet, field conversion is a scheduling challenge when a pitcher’s mound is involved. To manually remove a pitching mound and rebuild it after a non-baseball event, takes expensive materials and labor.

Esto Retractable offers a patented design for a Retractable Pitching Mound to allow field conversion in two hours – allowing you to play baseball in the morning and play soccer that same evening. The enclosed video brochure will explain the details of the retractable mound along with its construction and additional benefits.

Esto Retractable also offers licensing agreements for each installation, providing you with design documents, outline specifications and consultation to expedite the engineering of your retractable mound.

The prototype retractable mound was installed at Louisville Slugger Field in 2015 and has provided 100% reliability, ease of operations and low maintenance performance.

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Multi-Sport Field Conversions.